HumiliationPOV - Goddess Kyaa - Cuckolded Husband

Added: 20-10-2015

This clip begins with Goddess Kyaa on the phone talking to her friend, telling her that if a guy doesn’t have at least eight inches, he’s wasting her time. She laughs and giggles with her friend as she instructs you to lick her boots for the privilege of listening in. And who are you? You are her husband. She begins to tell her friend about you as you lick her boots. She tells her friend that you are just some loser she keeps in chastity because you have a really big bank account. That’s the only reason she married you. You’re just a loser with a tiny dick. You are her slave husband, on your knees, cock locked, licking away at your wife’s boots while she verbally degrades you to her friend. She tells her how you lick up the cum from her hot stud. You mean nothing to her. She talks about how she hates giving blow jobs so she’s doing to make you do it! She can see the look on your face, you’re totally freaking out.

The she hangs up and turns her attention to you. “Keep licking my boots loser. Do you like knowing that my best friend knows all about you and how I treat you? All our friends know now. You realize that don’t you? My new boyfriend Todd, is your best friend Todd. This isn’t just some random guy. And I’m going to fuck him right in front of you and then you’re going to lick his cum up. I’m going to degrade you in the worst ways. Soon I’m going to start having sex with all of your friends. They have big cocks and you just have a tiny little one. All you have is a big bank account for me to drain. I don’t give a fuck about you! Now bow down and worship my boots. Suck my boot heel like a cock.

I’m going to teach you how to suck a cock. You see this huge dildo, you’re going to swallow every inch of it. As my cuckold husband, you’re going to have to learn how to blow all of my boyfriends. I’m going to feed you this fucking dildo, my pathetic loser husband in chastity. Gag on it! Choke on it while you look up at me. I want you to look at the woman you married that you don’t get to touch. You’re going to swallow this cock like the bitch that you are for me.

I’m going to chain you to the bed while I fuck him, so you can’t run away. You’re going to have to watch and listen while he fucks me with his big alpha male cock. This is your life, you’re not a real man, you’re my fucking slave. You married a Goddess and you’re just an unworthy little cuck. Bow down and thank me for letting you be my cuckold. I see your horny little dick is so hard in chastity. You love this. Look up at the key around my neck and know that I own you. And you love me so much. But I don’t care, I’m going to degrade and destroy you.”

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