HumiliationPOV - Goddess Chloe - Edge Your Brain To Mush As You Watch This Video On Loop For Hours

Added: 18-03-2017

Hey loser, since you are such a chronic masturbator we’re going to do one of your favorite things. We are going to take a ride, a ride on the edge. You are going play this video on a loop and edge all day long, over and over n over again. You are going to jerk off for hours because, well, you`ve no life. You have nothing better to do than sit there and ride the edge all day n all night. You can’t help it. It’s what you want to do, all day, every day, getting that exhilarating feeling of almost cumming. You want to cum so bad, but y`know once you do, that feeling goes away. So you just ride that edge for hours n hours. And that’s what you are going to do today.

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I want you to ride that edge for as long as possible. For hours and hours if you can. You are not allowed to cum. No. You are just going to be a mush brained hand humper. You are going to be so stupid because you’re going to be edging for so fucking long. You won’t even know how to think any more by the time I am done edging you. You are just going to want to cum so badly. But you also don’t want to cum just so you can have that feeling as long as possible.

Keep stroking that pathetic cock u little jerkoff. Edge that cock as you watch this video on loop, perhaps this isn’t the 1st time you’ve watched it. I am going to tease you with my hot body to make even harder for you not to cum. Just watch my ass and ride that edge loser. Doesn’t that feel so good? Just stroking n stroking. But remember no cumming, I want you teetering on that edge for hours. Feel that brain turning to mush. You don’t even want to cum anymore, do you? No, you just want to keep this going. Cumming feels good but you know that this feels better.

You love this, don’t you? When I tease your cock and your mind. When I make you edge on loop for hours. Keep stroking your cock, ride that edge for me loser. It feels so good. You’re lost, you can’t think, all you wanna do is just feel that bliss. You just want to stay here in this pleasurable subspace I’ve created for you. Remember no cumming, just get ready to watch this again n again.

– Goddess Chloe

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