Ludella Hahn – Bewitching the Bitch

Added: 30-03-2017

Alternative Title “Witch Better Have My Candy.” POV arrives at Ludella’s house on Halloween with a plan 2 get revenge on her 4 being such a bitch and humiliating him at school. He knows her parents r at some party & she’s home alone with candy duty, so the timing is perfect. She opens the door with a less than gracious attitude & her attitude turns 2 full on bitch mode when she sees it is him. She refuses to give him any candy, though of course he has a different kind of candy in mind. “Ugh. I am going 2 tell everyone at school that u were trick-or-treating like a loser. Now, get out of here, weirdo.” But he stops her from shutting the door & pushes his way in, applying a device her temple that shocks he into a submissive mesmerized state. “Yes, Master. This way,” She ascends the stairs her bedroom & he locks the door behind them.

Then, he plays with her. First, Read less
making her walk around like a zombie with her hands in front. He also does things like make her show off her butt, dance sexily, strip, crawl around & act like a , play with her big tits, show off her body state mantras of her submission to him and about her body belonging 2 him…all while snapping her out of it in embarrassing moments just so she has an opportunity be humiliated. She continues 2 act like a bitch whenever she returns to her normal state, so he puts her back in a trance to train her some more. Finally, when she’s completely naked & in the middle of bouncing her boobs 4 him, he snaps her out 2 complete his revenge. GASP! “What is going on here? You need to undo whatever weirdoness u did to me!” But she finds out that he’s recorded the whole humiliating evening & will release it on the internet if she doesn’t do everything he says. She is completely frustrated. How could he do this 2 her?

At first she thinks she can get her way out of it. She’ll just tell Daddy & then…and then he’ll know about it…no, no she can’t have him know about this. “Ugh! I can’t believe you’re going 2 get away with this u little twerp! And, I can’t believe I am even going 2 say this, but, what do I need to do to get u to keep this video secret?” The thing of it is, he had planned on returning her 2 the entranced state the entire time. He just wanted 2 see her humiliation, to see her freak out and cave. He just wanted to see her get desperate. But now all he wants is 4 her 2 remain his submissive plaything…to do what he wants with her… SNAP! “Yes, Master, I am yours forever.” She lowers herself 2 the ground in a submissive position. She is his now. The bitch is his bewitched slave until he wants otherwise.

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