HumiliationPOV - Flawless Goddess Sonia Oink For Me, You Stupid, Worthless Pay Pig

Added: 05-04-2017

When I look at you, I don’t see anything but a pig. But just because you’re a pig doesn’t mean you can’t be useful to me. You can be very useful. So get naked and get down on your hands and knees and oink like the pig that you are. Snort and squeal like a little piggy. You sound so fucking ridiculous. But what else could I expect from a man who has no pride about himself. The only thing you should be proud about is that you get to serve a Goddess like me. Keep oinking! You’re disgusting like a pig is. You’re stupid like a pig is. If it weren’t for me, a dumb little pig is all you would be. Don’t let anyone tell you differently than I’m telling you right now. Husband, father, boyfriend, son, NO, you’re none of those things. The only thing you are is my pay pig, who loves making a fool of himself for my amusement. Now you’ve been oinking like a normal pig, but as my pay pig, that’s not how you oink. That’s not how you make a noise that actually gets my attention. Sure it’s entertaining to listen to, but the best way to have me turn my divine attention on you, well you have to oink in a different way. Every time you send me a tribute, you oink. The bigger the tribute, the louder you oink. And for a few brief moments, I might talk to you, someone as gorgeous as me might actually look in your direction. But only if you oink for me. So go on piggy, oink in the way I taught you. Stay on your hands and knees, pull your computer close, send me a tribute, press send, Oink! Do it again and again and oink and oink for your Goddess. I love shopping with your money, buying clothes to go clubbing in so I can find hot young attractive men to fuck. You get to know that you’re Oinking is the reason that I look so good for other men. Your loud oinks pay for my lavish vacations while you scrape to get by. So keep oinking, all I want to hear is your loud, endless oinking, until you have nothing left. Keep oinking little piggy. Your money is going where it belongs, into my bank account. If you weren’t oinking for me, you wouldn’t have any use, you wouldn’t have any purpose. What are you going to spend your money on? Your ugly wife, your bratty k.!.d.s.? No, that doesn’t bring you any pleasure, does it? You want to see your money on a gorgeous Goddess who wouldn’t give you the time of day. And when you oink, I get what I want. So you have a place in this world, it’s at my divine feet, serving me, with oink after oink.

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