HumiliationPOV - Princess Lucy - Draining Your Wallet While I Get Fucked

Added: 24-10-2015

Hey losers. Oh, I’m sorry, am I being rude? I’m getting fucked instead of making a clip for you, lol! But who cares about you? LOL! You and your little dick mean nothing to me. I love being fucked by my man and his huge cock. And I know you love watching me like the stupid cuck that you are. You know I’d never fuck you so this is the best you’ll ever get, watching me, a hot girl, getting fucked by a real man. LOL, you idiot, I’m getting fucked and you’re paying to watch and jerk while I laugh in your face! You’re so pathetic. I love that you love watching me get fucked. And I love that you know that I’m never going to fuck you. Hot girls like me don’t fuck losers like you. I need a nice big cock to fuck me, and you can’t provide me with that. You could never fuck me the way I need to be fucked.

I know how much you love buying my clips and spoiling me even though you know I don’t give a fuck about you. And do you know what I do with your money? I buy sexy little outfits like the one I’m wearing. One of you idiots bought it for me so I could fuck my boyfriend in it, lol. Don’t I look so hot wearing your money while I get fucked? LOL! You’ll do anything to keep me happy even if it means buying me gifts to look sexy for my bf. You keep spending even though you know I don’t give a fuck about you. You need me. You want to keep me around, keep me interested, even though you know I’ll never fuck you.

I’m never going to fuck you. And you know that. You’re disgusting. But even though you’re repulsive, I’ll still drain your wallet. Isn’t that what you want? LOL! I get fucked by my bf while you spoil me and this makes your cock twitch. You’re pathetic. I keep you around for money. And you know this, but you can’t stop. And now I’m fucking my bf in front of you, taunting you with your gifts, just to show you how real this is.

You’re not even a person to me, you’re just a cuck wallet. Without your cash you have nothing to offer me. And you know this. I’m using you loser. I’m using your money to buy outfits not for you, but for my real man. You fucking idiot! Do you think I think about you when I’m spending your cash? LOL! You’re even dumber than I thought! LOL!

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