HumiliationPOV - Mandy Flores - Step Daddy Blackmail

Added: 30-10-2015

What do you want? I’m going to the beach with my friends, that’s all you need to know. Take off my towel? Ew you perv! Why? Just because mom is gone doesn’t mean you’re in charge. You’re not even my real dad, you’re my step dad, ok? I do what I want. Why do you want to see what I’m wearing? It’s really sweet that you want to be my daddy and all but what, do you think my bathing suit might be too skimpy? Fine, take a look… LOL, no I’m not going to get changed.

You are such a pathetic loser. This is what I’m wearing to the beach and there’s nothing you’re going to do about it. I know all the boys will get boners and hit on me, I’m used to that. But really right now, you’re not any different, daddy. Lol! Fuck look at your rock hard dick, and I’m supposed to be your daughter, right? What do you have to say for yourself? Maybe I should just call mom and tell that her husband has a boner watching me walk around in my bikini.

So how about you take out your dick and jerk it to me and I won’t tell mom and then later, I’m going to bring my friends back here and you’re going to let us have a party. In fact, you’re going to go out and buy all the alcohol for it. How’s that sound? You know you want to jerk it to me. I promise, that’s the deal. Go on and be a pervert and jerk it to your step daughter. This is what you wanted anyway. You asked me to drop my towel. I clearly didn’t want to walk around in front of you in this bikini.

Jerk it to my young, hot body, what my mom used to look like years ago. Just look at my ass, I’m going to give you all the jerking material you need. Doesn’t it feel so good to jerk to my perfect young body? You could never have a girl like me. Your entire youth was spent, staring, drooling and jerking off in the distance, at home, all alone with just your hand. You never got the pleasure of touching a body like this.

Cum for me step daddy. Cum you fucking loser. Ewww that’s so gross. So I’m going to be back in a few hours and there better be a Lot of alcohol here. And you’re going to let us party and you’re not going to tell mom.

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