Princess Ruby - Poppers Wimp

Added: 04-11-2015

Before you watch this clip I want you to have Poppers (alkyl nitrites) ready to open and inhale on my instruction.
Princess Ruby's going to take you into a heightened state of euphoria.
Effects are instantaneous and brief, but intense. These effects are caused by a sudden surge of to the heart and brain Light-headedness, giddiness, heat flush or heightened sensual awareness may also result. This is known as a head-rush Some users may also experience the impression of time slowing down.
You are going to be int0xicated with your PRINCESS,PRINCESS RUBY. As she counts how long you inhale for. You will become more fuzzy headed, even weaker, becoming more and more hornier and addicted. Ruby push's you to your limits, you will just WANT to become even weaker for your you should.
You will want to submit and give in to Princess Ruby entirely. Following her controlling demands as she count's you down each time you inhale. You will lose all sense of control and as her voice will become soothing and the words will become embedded into your head. You will be pushed further than before to a place you have never been before. You will walk away from this OWNED, MINDFUCKED, wanting to devote yourself to your owner in every way possible. Even making the impossible, possible. Princess Ruby is your GOD now. Your new religion. Your life is dependent on her. Nothing matters but PRINCESS RUBY.
Just sit back and listen. Open the Alkyl Nitrates and inhale deep and listen to her counts and entire a whole new world! You enjoy being taking total control of. Teasing you with her perfection as the amount increases you just become her pet

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