Kendra James - I want to watch you cum, step brother

Added: 04-11-2015

Your step sister Kendra heard that you have a date with the most popular girl in school. She is not impressed, though. Did you know that this girl is a slut? Of course you know that she is a slut that is why you asked her out in the first place! Kendra tells you some dirty details about your date, but you do not care. You just want to get laid. Kendra is just looking out for you, so she suggests that you should rub one out before your date to be sure that you don't cum too quickly tonight. If you do cum quickly, everyone will hear about it and will make fun of you. Wanting to preserve your reputation, you take your step sister Kendra's advice and jack off. She can tell that you are way too excited and she tells you to calm down. Kendra unbuttons her blouse as she talks about your brother-sister bonding time and she promises to explain to you all about the mysteries of the female orgasm. She wants to see you cum and you give her what she wants. Now you are all ready for your date tonight, courtesy of your sister Kendra James.

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