Lacy Luck - Sex Therapist

Added: 11-11-2015
Lacy Luck - Sex Therapist

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You sit down and exchange some pleasantries with the therapist and acknowledge that you've come because your husband has been seeing a therapist and the therapist now wants your point of view. The therapist starts by asking some mundane questions about your relationship, when you met, how long you've been married Etc then they start to get more personal, how often do you have sex, do you achieve orgasm etc etc .You're shy and embarrassed and reluctant to answer. This goes on for a minute or so and then the therapist asks you to take a drink. You ask what it is and the therapist reassures you that it is just something to help you relax. You're unsure but eventually you drink it. Actually it is something that makes you aroused and compliant. You feel a little odd after having had the drink, you blink, find it hard to focus but you're ok.
The questioning resumes and although you still seem a little unsure you answer the questions. No, you don't achieve orgasm, yes you do masturbate. You are obviously embarrassed as you answer these questions. You masturbate every day, yes you do think it has something to do with your husband small penis, yes and his premature ejaculation, yes you do fantasise, about doing it with other men, well endowed other men, you want me to do what? Oh no I couldn't do that, you want me to show you?! To test my arousal response. You're reluctant but the therapist gets you to take another drink and soon you feeling your breasts through your top slowly. Yes I always start like this, until my nipples are aroused, then I do this and put my hands inside my top and my bra.
This carries on until you are topless and playing with your breasts.
You want me to pull up my skirt, well I'm not sure etc. You take another drink and then very slowly teasingly pull up your skirt to reveal your panties. Hold on that shot for a little while. You want me to tell you my fantasies?
You start talking about a man touching your thighs running his hand slowly up your leg, touching your panties, rubbing you slowly, gently through your panties. Then he reaches inside your panties. You describe his cock and how much more skilled he is than your husband. You masturbate like this, until you orgasm. You remove your hand and appear to fall asleep. The end.

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