Mandy Flores - Teacher’s widdle secret - Blackmail fantasy

Added: 03-09-2017
Mandy Flores - Teacher’s widdle secret - Blackmail fantasy

You r a student in my class and are failing. You show up 2 my office to seduce me for a better grade. You have a pouty attitude trying to convince me to help u out of failing while sauntering around my desk. You start to undo your shirt exposing a hot pink bra covering your wonderful tits. You remove your shirt & bend over squishing your tits together in front of me. Then you turn around & lift up your skirt to flash me your ass in which you have a tiny hot pink g-string on. You remove your skirt and stand before me in my chair playing with your tits for me. Then you look down and notice a little bulge in my pants and giggle. You had intended to fuck me for a passing grade but you change your mind now. You tell me 2 take my pants off because you can’t wait to suck on my cock. As soon as my pants & underwear come down you looked shocked and start laughing at me. You see I am hard but very small and tell me so. You come up to my left side & grab my cock in your left hand and notice that only my little head is sticking out and laugh some more. Then you get back in front of me and giggle pointing at it and tell me how tiny it is. You want to measure it just to see how small it is so u grab a ruler off of my desk and measure it. It is only 5.5 inches u laugh! Then you tell me to hold the ruler next to my cock while u take pictures with your cell phone because you want to send them to all of your girlfriends. After sending the pictures u put your phone down on my desk and start to strip off your panties teasing me while u do it. Saying stuff in a baby voice like “is your wittle baby penis getting harder seeing my ass”. You also notice I have small balls too and want 2 see how much cum I can shoot. You get on your knees and tell me you’ve never sucked on a such a little dick before and are curious. So u take it all in your mouth with ease & of course laugh and giggle after. Then while on your knees still you tell me you want me to cum all over your tits. So you tell me to jerk my little dick off for u. While I am doing this your still teasing me of course. Then after I cum you tell me you are suprised at the amount and take a finger and wipe it off your tit and taste it.You tell me the only way you will keep it a secret is if I pass you and I have to meet u at your house later than night. You tell me some of the other girls r also failing my class and will want the same arrangement.

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