HumiliationPOV - Goddess Sonia - Pay Pigs Deserve To Be Ballbusted And Denied

Added: 21-12-2017

I’m bored and I want to be entertained. And the best way is by humiliating you. So I’ve decided I want to go shopping. And no, you’re not coming with me, do you think I want to be seen with you in public? But you are going to give me money to go shopping. I love draining you. But I don’t want you to just give it to me. That would take the fun out of it.So first I want you to get naked and get on your knees and bring up my pay pal account. I’m sure you’re already horny and ready for some clicking and stroking. You’re so stupid. But you don’t deserve to stroke while I drain you. So you’re going to send me money and then you’re going to hit yourself in the balls because that’s what you deserve. No stroking, no edging, just draining and pain, that’s how you’re going to entertain me.Amuse me idiot, pay me and hit yourself in the balls. What did that hurt more, your cock or your wallet? And while I’m not going to allow you to stroke, you can get as hard as you want to. And I know that paying me while you hurt yourself and I deny you makes you so fucking hard. You’re that fucking pathetic.Look at me in this gorgeous tight dress, I know you can’t help yourself. My beauty is why you’re more than willing to do these humiliating things. I want you throbbing as you click and hit your cock. Admit it, you don’t deserve to jerk while I drain you. Stare at my perfect body as I fuck you over and fuck up your balls. Don’t you feel like such an idiot? What kind of man pays a woman to humiliate him and torture him? And I’m not even really there but that doesn’t stop you. You’re so pathetic. You don’t get to stroke. All you get to do is click and inflict pain upon yourself. And while your balls are aching, know that I want I truly want to hurt is your wallet.

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