Mistress Salem - Butt Plugs Poppers Intox JOI Game

Added: 15-01-2018

Princess has a game for you today poppers pet. Today you will need a fresh bottle of poppers & 3 different butt plugs - small, medium & large. I'm in My bed with all the things we need to play this game. Are you ready to cum harder than ever before?
I'm in bed wearing beautiful lingerie & matching pantyhose, inviting you to play My game. Listen to My voice guide you telling you how to inhale how to fuck your hand & how to plug up your ass. I want you to get excited about the idea of filling up your asshole for Me. Watch while I demonstrate exactly how I want you to get high for Me & guide you through your first round of inhales while a 2nd layer of My voice whispers into your ear, encouraging you to indulge. This voice is Me, inside of your head, the dirty talk that will coerce you to obey My instructions. I'm the devil that owns your mind. I own your mind & your cock & now I want to own your ass!!!
I get you so high, teasing you with My long legs, feet wrapped up in sexy pantyhose, ass in a tight thong & now it's time to play. We start with the tiny plug. Stroke your cock & sniff when I say, relax, feel your asshole become eager to be stuffed for Me. It's just a tiny plug- I can fit it in My ass! I bet it can fit in yours. I seduce you into plugging yourself with the first size... you can't help it, it feels so good, My voice whispering in your ear telling you dirty things fucking your mind...
I tease you with My pantyhose feet while I instruct you to sniff more. My whispers drive you to the brink. Feel the plug filling your ass- it feels good to be slutty for Me! I keep letting you fuck your hand because you can bargain with the devil I'll give you your pleasure while you be My slut. Look Me deep in the eyes while you slide out the first plug. Stare into My eyes. Now you're going to really impress Me- pick up plug #2 & sniff, impress Me with all the things your ass can take. I demonstrate exactly how to do it. Just listen to My voice, follow My instructions, you are so mindfucked now that you fuck your mouth with the plug while your asshole opens for Me, begging for it... you want it... pour lube so it's dripping down your ass & put the plug in there, make it nice & pretty while I put My ass right in your face. It feels good to follow My rules. I have complete control.
Now you want to cum. I can see it, you're so high and you want to cum so, so bad. I know you're going to be a good slut for Me, sniff for Me, focus on this feeling.... hold in the poppers feel your cock bulge & fill your asshole all the way up with the biggest plug. Now you're in front of Me, ass plugged, fucking your hand higher than ever before & I'm going to give you the cum countdown of your life...
There is no better feeling than satisfying Me with your own orgasm. Once you've followed My instructions & worked that third plug into your ass, once you've sniffed every single time I tell you to... stare at your Princess & admit it, your ass is MINE. Go on and sniff. This is what you've been good for. I'm training you to take it in the ass. I give you the kinkiest cum countdown giving you dirty talk grinding up against My hands putting My pussy in your face & giving you a PERSONAL FANTASY of Mine that you're going to cum to. My moans in your ears, little whispers encouraging your cum... It's time to cum, slut. WIN MY POPPERS PLUG GAME

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