Lady Fyre - Give In To My Legs, Your Mind Already Has

Added: 26-11-2015
Lady Fyre - Give In To My Legs, Your Mind Already Has

How do you feel down there? I've barely even begun speaking and you already know you're screwed. Because the mind has this uncanny ability to recognize beauty and power. So as soon as you saw my legs, as soon as you gazed upon their perfection, you knew you were fucked. The mind has this way of learning a person's weaknesses. You know what makes you weak and so does your mind. You know who you are. You know what makes you tremble. And seeing my perfect legs before you, you know that you are in so much trouble.
A woman with a pair of legs as beautiful as mine can get you to do anything. You're a weak loser for my legs. Don't try to deny it. Don't try to resist. You know the way your mind reacted as soon as you saw me, before I even opened my mouth. And now that I have, you hear the truth from my lips. There's nothing you can do about the way you feel. So just give in. Your mind already has, so just stare and give in. Allow that feeling of weakness to flow through you.
You already know how pathetic you are already, don't you loser? And my long legs make you feel even more pathetic as you jerk your cock on your knees, you know you're position. You look up at these legs and your subconscious mind tells you that you are in the right place. That you are exactly where you belong. Beneath my legs, staring up, gazing in adoration. Gazing up at a superior Goddess. Feel it. Feel the weakness, allow it flow through you.
You've felt this before, haven't you weak boy? You're used to feeling weak for women. You're used to feeling pathetic. This feeling is so familiar to you. It is your inescapable reality. You feel this need to bow down and worship my legs. I am your superior. Accept your place. Accept how screwed you are if all it takes, is a fantastic pair of legs.

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