ClubStiletto - Miss Jasmine - I Know You’re Craving The Taste

Added: 08-02-2018

Miss Jasmine has called u 2 her dungeon and now u kneel at her feet. She says she has read a lot of sick and depraved messages before but yours r probably the most disgusting of them all. She also says she knows u r probably typing while beating your cock thinking of all these nasty things but now that u r in her presence she wonders how exactly u will react to what she is about to do to you. Read less
So she is going to put you through a training program so it’s not 2 much for u all at once. To start she wants you to sniff her crotch as if you are a dawg. She pulls her panties up into her pussy so u can see her lips and pubic hair. She is pleased when she hears you start to pant. She then stands up and shoves her ass in your face.

She slides her panties up so you can see her anus. She tugs on the fabric really getting them up into her pussy & ass crack. “These panties r going home with you” she laughs, adding “There might be some p1ss and sch4t on them.” After making you sniff her, so her scent is in your head for the rest of the day, she says you’ll be following her into the bathroom where you not only be getting a but a brown one too. She wonders if you’ll swallow it all. She then gets into a very nasty tale of a recent experience she had with another slave. She also reminds u how you said u want to consume everything from her. Her tampons, her armpit hair, her toe jam, her sweat, and even cum from her lovers. Now are you just talk or are you ready to surrender and accept your destiny and your purpose? She then explains the reason u r bound in front of her is because this is not a sensual encounter, it is going to be consumption because that is what you begged for, you didn’t want a safe word, and guess what, now you look terrified but it’s to late. This could be brutal, u might not like it but later you will remember the encounter and you’ll beat off to it and it will be the only way you can cum after that and then soon u will be contacting her again and begging 4 more.

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