Miss Mikaela - BBC Lover

Added: 30-11-2015
Miss Mikaela - BBC Lover

Its quite obvious what your dirty little secret is, EVERYONE knows but you. Go ahead and start jerking for me, just jerk until I tell you to stop. If you're lucky Ill tell you exactly what I know about you. I know you're dying to know what I'm talking about. Now come here and stare at this ass of mine as you jerk. I want you stroking up and down for me slowly as I bounce my ass up and down. Good loser, if you keep stroking Ill show you these perfect tits. I know how badly you want to know what everyone knows and how fucking hard you are right now. You want to cum so badly but you don't get to cum just yet. Stare at these perfect tits and wait while I grab something then maybe Ill let you cum on these perfect tits of mine.Look at this loser. Its a big black cock and we all know you LOVE to suck big black cocks. You cant deny it because I'm going to force you to worship it. Did you really think Id let you cum on my tits, come on loser! Keep staring! Don't even try to look away moron! You don't get to look away, you get to keep staring as I tease you. Look at you faggot, you want to suck it don't you. What a dirty little whore you are. Keep stroking that dick for me loser. I want you to lose control and blow the biggest load you've ever had. Just imagine you were bent over just like me and a big strapping black man was fucking you silly. HA look at your cock its throbbing your pathetic cock is so hard! Stroke, stroke, stroke! Good now in 5 seconds I want you to cum all over this big black cock and then you're going to lick it up for me! Welcome to your life filled with cock, loser!

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