HumiliationPOV - Edging Feels Like An Orgasm That Never Ends

Added: 20-03-2018

I know you love to jerk off. But you especially love to edge, you love holding yourself there and keep yourself there, you love that feeling. So today I am going to indulge you in your little edging fetish, I am going to teach you how to edge that cock so it feels so good for minutes, even hours at a time. Edging can feel like a long, extended orgasm if you do it right.

This is going to be a long, slow, sensual edging instruction for newbies or even those who have been edging for years. I love to edge cocks and I have developed some amazing techniques that`ll make your cock tingle and feel so fucking good. I know how euphoric edging can feel and I know you are gonna love me teaching you how to edge. Your fucking dick is going to feel so fucking good, it’s going to put you in a trance.

We are going to edge the head, the shaft and your balls. I want you get you in that state where all you can feel is pleasure. I am going to show you how to ride that edge over and over n over again, without ever going over. Why do you losers want to cum so badly? It’s over so fast. When you edge, you can feel like you are cumming for hours.

I will bet you want to cum so bad by now, but don’t, keep edging, feel the euphoric state that this puts you in, feel the pleasure pulsating through your whole cock. You are going to love what I do to your cock. I know your cock is throbbing in your hand. All you can feel is your cock. Your whole body is completely numb but your cock feels like it’s going to explode. Just keep yourself there, barely touching it. Yes, you fucking love this.

You must be a mindless gooning faggot by now, all you can feel is your cock. This is exactly how I want you to feel. Do you want to cum or do you want to watch this again n continue to ride the edge…

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