HumiliationPOV - Kelle Martina - Permanent Brainless Sissy Bimbo Brainwashing

Added: 29-05-2018

This video is designed to warp neurological brainwaves with multiple audio & visual layers meant to bring you to a deep state of brainwashing. In the audio there are giggles, binaural tones, sexy moans and sucking noises, all layered over Goddess Kelle’s amazing voice! The video has Goddess Kelle with huge cocks being sucked by beautiful girls in the background to show you who you are and what you want! LOL! And there is subliminal messaging appearing throughout which will be effortlessly implanted in your brain.Read less
Viewing this video will result in irreversible changes 2 your brain and will effect your daily life. This video is seriously intense and should not be taken lightly.

Hello little sissy. Get comfortable. Just relax and listen to my words. Focus your eyes on this video and let the rest of the world melt away. I know your biggest fantasy is to be my sissy slut. The perfect little bimbo for me. It’s all you want to be. You want nothing more than to burn your ugly boy clothes, quit your job, & devote your life to being a sissy slut. It is important that you learn your place, and your place is dressing up like a sissy bimbo slut and sucking huge cocks. You want this so badly. You need it. Look at the cocks, you want them in your mouth. I know you want this. You want to wear panties for me.

Watch as the panties sway back & forth, lulling u into a deeper state of brainwashing. Do you hear the sucking and the giggling? That is the sound of your brain turning off. There it goes, just floating away. The panties are mesmerizing you into being my sissy bimbo slut. Just look at the panties. Try not to look at the big cocks. Try not to imagine being one of those sexy girls in the video.

You are losing your desire to be manly ever again. All you want is to be girly and slutty, isn’t that right little brainless bimbo? Just a sissy slut. You want to dress up so slutty and girly. Uh oh, you feel your brain dropping again, even deeper now. You can’t think any more. You’re embracing your desire for cock and slutty clothing. You want to suck cock after cock after cock.

You love cock, don’t you sissy bimbo slut? High heels, red lips, long hair, this is what you crave. You want to be a slutty bimbo for me. Not just at this moment, but always. You want 2 give up your former self and completely devote yourself to being a brainless sissy bimbo. Give it all up. Lose control. Lose yourself. You’re losing your mind. My pretty little sissy is what you crave to be. It feels so good to embrace that part of you & u feel your maleness melting away. You no longer have to live with the burden of masculinity. You can embrace your femininity. Your sexuality and your desires are being completely changed. Trained and created for my pleasure. You like that idea, don’t you?

After today your whole life is going to change. Your clothing will become more and more feminine. Your desire for cock in your mouth will increase by the day. There’s nothing you can do about it at this stage, you’re too far gone into this video. Your reality is changing and you’re helpless to stop it.

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