Princess Mika - Fall Deeply In Love With Me - Addiction Obsession Mind Trap

Added: 31-05-2018

Look at me, look deep into my big beautiful eyes, you could just get lost in them, couldn’t you? You’re falling so hard and so deep for me. You are obsessed with me. You’re addicted to me. And you deserve to fall even deeper for me. I want you even more deeply obsessed and addicted. I want you falling deeper and deeper and deeper 4 me. Because the deeper you fall the more that I can take advantage of you. And I know that deep down, you want me to. You want me to have more control. You want me to take advantage of you. It feels so good to fall deeper, to be more addicted & obsessed. Feel it.

Just stare into my eyes and feel it. There is no hope for you, there’s no coming back from this. There’s nothing you can do about it. There is no escape. You can’t stop your brain from feeling the way it does about me. There’s no sense resisting. It only makes sense to keep going, to fall even deeper for me. Everything about me is so perfect. You’re falling for me. There’s an elegant, irresistible beauty about me. And your life is so much better with me in it. I’ve enriched your life.

Your life should be a reflection of how much you are obsessed with me. I know you feel it as you fall even deeper. Don’t resist. Keep falling. I know you wanna be a good boy for me. I know you want me to have even more control. Deep down u really really want this. You just need to let go of any thought or emotion that is stopping you. Serving me is what you were born for. Just let all of that resistance go and fully dedicate yourself to me. It feels so good to fall even deeper for me. You love how it feels. You love being a good boy for me. You love everything about me. Now I want you to thank me for existing and acknowledging your existence and giving you purpose. Good boy.

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