Princess Ellie - Public Butt Plug Humiliation Assignment

Added: 09-12-2015
Princess Ellie - Public Butt Plug Humiliation Assignment

So loser you're going to need two things for this clip, a butt plug and some dice. We're going to play a kinky little game. Roll the dice, what's the number? Whatever it is, that's the number of hours you're going to wear your butt plug in your ass! LOL! So go on loser, stick it in your ass. How does it feel knowing that you're going to be wearing that plug in your ass for that long? But you wanna do it for me don't you? You want to stretch out that ass for your Princess. Hopefully you got a big number and it's going to be in for a number of hours, and I don't want you sitting around at home with it. I want you to go out with it in. Maybe even put some panties on. You'll have this whole secret going on under your pants. You'll feel so stupid and slutty. And I want you to interact with people while you're out. All with a stuffed ass!I'll bet you'll be feeling so good while you're out and about. You love it in the ass. You're such a horny slut. You might even need to stop at a public bathroom and jerkoff. Think about that, you out in a public restroom with a butt plug up your ass while you're jerking off in a stall! How humiliating! You'll love it. What if people knew? Would you love it if you were exposed? I'll bet you would. Maybe you should try to get caught, or better yet, you should tell someone. LOL!Oh you fucking idiot, this is going to be so much fun for you! And when you complete my assignment, I want you to post a picture of yourself out in public performing this task for me and I want a detailed account of what you did, where you went, and how it felt. I could use a good laugh!

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