Princess Ellie - Wasting Your Life Away Jerking To Girls On Your Screen

Added: 15-12-2015
Princess Ellie - Wasting Your Life Away Jerking To Girls On Your Screen

You have been a member of HumiliationPOV for so long that Ill bet youve forgotten what its like to be normal. Do you remember that life? Its probably locked away somewhere deep in your brain. Now youre just a jerkoff loser. That old life seems so long ago. So many years have past, been wasted just jerking off all the time. But youve accepted this new life. Youre consumed with humiliation. You want to be made fun of, to be told how weak and pathetic you are. You spend your loser days watching videos and chatting in the forum with other like minded individuals. How pathetic are you? And I Know youre jerking right now, so as you jerk, I want you to tell me just how pathetic you are. I want you to say it out loud as you waste more of your life with your cock in your hand. This is your life, watching girls through your screen, wasting away your hours jerking off. You dont even have any hobbies anymore. Youre so obsessed with your dick that your only hobby is thinking of new ways to get off. Isnt that right?If youre a member of this site then youve accepted your place. Only the lowest of the low pull out their credit cards and join this site. Youre lower than the sole on my heel. You dream of being used and abused, you want everything taken away from you, because you know thats what you deserve. Lonely losers jerking off to their own misery. It really is quite sad and pathetic. You beg for attention and even when you do its through your screen. Its not even live face to face interaction. Youve abandoned that. But here you are again, wildly jerking that dick. Its an endless cycle. Its like you dont know how to do anything else. The best thing for you would probably be to lock you up. It might make your life better, it might make you a more productive part of society. But I dont know if you want that, I dont know if you can stop. You are a member of HumiliationPOV and you have no life. Youre such a loser. But if you want to cum, you need permission, permission from me, a girl on your screen. Its so fucking pathetic.

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