Kacie - Nymph Love Potion Trance Addiction

Added: 17-12-2015
Kacie - Nymph Love Potion Trance Addiction

Nymph Kacie asks "Do you think I'm pretty? Could you love me? Will you love me? Be mine forever?" She tempts you with a special love potion, promising that the intoxicating aroma will make you feel so good... so incredible.... so intimate. You are quickly seduced... so eager to submit to her soft enchanting words. You breathe in her scent on command and spiral into a euphoric trance as her spell takes hold. "I want you out of your mind with pleasure... drunk with ecstasy.... craving my control..." she tells you "I want to make you my addict... let me be your only reason for existing". Her words pull your mind apart, taking you deeper with each inhale of her potion, compelling you to stroke your cock faster and faster in worship. More and more, she sends you into an erotic dream, her perfect naked body pressed against yours, your cock inside her as she writhes in pleasure and begs you to fuck her. More and more... deeper and deeper... your mind gone... drowning in sexual bliss... totally intoxicated... fucking your nymph... ready to fill her with your love. You never knew it could feel this good.

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