Miss London Lix - Extreme Blackmail Edging

Added: 05-01-2016
London Lix - Extreme Blackmail Edging

Start stroking loser. Pump it. Youre already hard at the sight of me in this outfit. Your brain cells are already starting to fizzle away. Youre already staring to feel weak and powerless and thats exactly how I want you. Completely stupid before a girl who you could never have. I want you edging so I can get you to the brink of coming and bring you back down again time and time again.

I need you especially weak and stupid for todays little game, Im going to toy with your little blackmail fantasies. I know youre into this, youre a little blackmail loser, you like to take things to the extreme. This isnt just a fantasy for you anymore, you want to push this into reality. Its no longer enough for you to just jerkoff to the thought, you need to be exposed because that would be so fucking humiliating, so degrading. I could ruin your life, thus validating the way you really feel about yourself. I understand you and all of your urges. Youre so fucked. Keep stroking, I want you on the edge.
Feel the humiliation and denial start to set in. Feel me in your head. Right to the edge for me and now let go. Feel it throbbing and twitching in the air. Even after just a few minutes youre aching for me. Youre desperate for release. You feel so weak already but this is nothing weve only just begun. By the time Im done edging and denying you, your brain will be mush. You will be so desperate. But in order to cum, youll be needing to hand over some information to me.
Jerk it again loser. Get weaker. And as you jerk, I want you to open up an email. Good boy, you love obeying me, you love relinquishing power to me and thats exactly why you love blackmail. You know you dont deserve responsibility over your own life. And youre not even jerking to my amazing body, its the thought of being exposed that has you so fucking hard.
Edge it again loser. Not only did you pay for this clip but today youre going to pay even more, youre going to give up your privacy to me. Take your hand off your aching dick again. You want to cum so bad, but instead, I want you to enter in the phone number into that email of someone who knows you well, your wife, your gf, your boss. And youre going to be clicking send on that email right when I have you at your weakest. Now keep stroking and think about how damaging this could be. Right to the edge again, now your brain is a puddle of arousal. Im going to count you down and when you cum, I want you to hit send at that exact moment. It will be so hot, I promise. Im going to reprogram your brain to love this.

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