Goddess Sahrye - You Don’t Deserve Your Ex GF, He Does, Admit It

Added: 13-01-2016
Goddess Sahrye - You Don’t Deserve Your Ex GF, He Does, Admit It

I know all about your dirty little secret. It seems you love hearing about your ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Wow, you’re such a loser. It makes you so hard to hear about them together. Do you know what that makes you? That makes you a cuck. Do you now what that is? That’s a pathetic little dick loser who can’t please a woman, so the only way he can get it up is when he sees her being pleased by another man. That’s you. That’s what gets your little cock hard. You love knowing that you ex is getting pounded by a real man with a big cock. That's so fucking pathetic, you know that don't you?
You’re not a man. You have an itty bitty teeny weeny little penis and you spend all day jerking it thinking about them together. It makes your tiny little dick just twitch. He fucks her like you never could. I know you remember how your ex reacted the first time she saw your little dick. She laughed, she couldn’t help herself. And it turned you on. You knew right then that you’d never please her. You knew she’d eventually leave you or cheat on you. That is your place in life.
You don’t get to have a girlfriend. You just get to sit there and watch her please a big cock right in front of you. And you wish so badly that she would do this to you. Admit it. It turns you on so fucking much you little cuck. First admit it to yourself, then I want you admit it to them.
You want to watch him fill your ex gf with hot cum and have her straddle you while you lick it all out. This is what you were born for. You’re a fucking cuck. A corner jerking little cuck. You get off on the realization, on the humiliation, that you’re not good enough. That you’re not a real man. You don’t deserve your ex gf. The only thing you deserve to do is what a real man satisfy her. The only way you can get it up is by thinking about your ex’s new bf fucking her silly. You truly are pathetic.

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