Princess Ashley – Bikini Brat Princess Mind Melt

Added: 16-01-2016

Hey Loozer, you so weak and pathetic for my big, perfect tits. 32DDs. Look how hard you are already, after staring at my tits for only a few seconds. You’re such a fucking loser. I mean seriously, just look at yourself, you just paid to jerkoff to a girl who’s not even fucking naked. You are so pathetic and desperate. You can’t even get off any more without a bratty girl like me insulting you and telling you what a loozer you are, as I tease you with my hot body that you’ll never ever get to have. You just pay, to see me fully dressed, while I verbally degrade you. You pay to be teased by a girl you’ll never fuck. You’ll never even get near my tits, ew gross! You just get to look at them with a bikini top on while I call you a loser. And you love it.

You can’t stop jerking your loser dick, you’re addicted, you need me, you need my hot voice, my sexy body, you need me to get off. You can’t get off unless I’m insulting you. And you can’t get off unless you know that you paid for it. Seeing me in a bikini is the best that you’ll get, and the sad thing is that’s all that you need. I mean how can you hold you loser load while you watch me caress my perfect tits? You can’t. You just sit there, night after night, jerking off in front of your computer screen like a compulsive little jerkaholic.

Oh but don’t stop, keep jerking that pathetic cock for my young, hot tits. My big bratty tits that I’ll never show you. They have you so addicted. You’re a desperate horny little loser, you’re a reject. You pay to jerkoff to me in a bikini top, while real men get to touch them and fuck me. You’re just a jerkaholic loser who’s obsessed with me.

You must be getting close to cumming, it’s so hard for you to hold in your loser load when you’re staring at my perfection. You need to cum so bad, and you pay for it, you pay like the desperate pathetic little freak that you are. Go on, make that pathetic dick bust for me so I can get on with my day and spend your loser money.

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