HumiliationPOV - Small Dick Pay Pig Mind Eraser

Added: 03-10-2019

The voice in this clip is of Mesmerize Goddess Tessa Fields. This is a very powerful clip with an extremely long induction, the likes of which you’ve never experienced. Tessa is not just a domme, she’s a professional hipno psychoanalyst. If you’ve never experienced her mesmerizing techniques, you’re in for something special. This clip also contains echoing whisper tracks of Tessa’s voice along with some of the Brats of HumiliationPOV laughing and making fun of your small penis in the background.
I bet you’re just sitting there right now with your little nub in your hand, just waiting for me to mindwash you. Wanting desperately to fall under my spell. I’m about to exploit you and show you just how truly pathetic you really are. We’re going to start with a nice, long induction to make sure you’re truly mesmerized. All you have to do is listen to my voice and follow my words. I will use my voice to slow your mind down, and down a little deeper.
Listen to my voice and let it guide you down further. You don’t even have to think right now, you know it’s better if I do all the thinking. You can send your waking mind to sleep and leave your subconscious for me to play with. ‘Deep sleep’. Every time I say the words ‘deep sleep’, you will slip down just a little bit deeper. And it feels so good to go into that ‘deep sleep’. I know you want me to get deep inside your subconscious so I must take you even deeper and show you what a weak, pathetic dumbfuck you really are.
It feels good to be honest. To know on a real level that you are not a real man. You are weak, and it feels so good to be weak and let someone else make the decisions for you. I will slowly drain away any will or resistance you might have. Now each time I say the word, ‘blank’, you will find it easier to clear your mind and concentrate only on the sound of my voice. You will notice that it is effortless to go ‘blank’ when I tell you to. Go ‘blank’. Good boy. Wipe away all your thoughts and hopes of dreams that someday you will overcome being the loser you have found yourself to be. Go ‘blank’ and erase all of your pipe dreams of that little cock ever satisfying a woman. When you go ‘blank’ there will be room in your mind to plant all of the seeds I have in store for you.
You will notice that there is a little spot in your mind that is empty, blank, and how nice of me that I am going to fill it. I’m going to fill it with my voice and my thoughts. Each word from my lips will fill this spot in your tiny little brain. Go ‘blank’. And have you noticed how hard that little cock of yours gets when I speak. And I’m going to use my words to make that jerk stick even harder, because the more you listen to my voice, the harder it gets. The more I reveal how pathetic I think you are, you’ll get even harder. And you’ll probably want to stroke that little thing thinking about how hard my voice makes you. And notice that the harder your little nub gets, the more you crave the sound of my voice.
You know deep down that your little useless cock would never make me happy. But you love the sound of my voice so much that all you want to do is make me happy. It feels good to make me happy. You want me to keep making you feel this good so you must find a way to please me. You want to go ‘blank’ and think of nothing but how hard your tiny cock gets listening to my voice taunting and teasing you. You know what you are, you know that you will never please a woman, but you want to please women. And you know that the only way you can please girls, is through your wallet.
I’d like you to think about your wallet and your little tiny dick for a moment. I know how bad you want to spill your little load but I can’t let you do that unless I’m happy. If you open your wallet and let it explode all over me, then I will be happy. But if I’m not happy then I can’t make that itty bitty cock burst with cum. And you know that you can’t cum unless you open your wallet. Doesn’t if feel good to know that you can actually please a girl in some way? You know you can’t get this hard without my voice, and if you can’t get hard then you can’t cum. So you feel this urge to open your wallet and spoil me. It is the only way you can make up for your tiny penis. You know this, you understand this on a deep level. Let it just sink in to that tiny space in your brain, dummy.
It feels so exciting to get so hard when you are reminded of what you really are. Each time your mind accesses this little part of your brain, you’ll be reminded of how hard I make you. And you’ll want to cum so badly. And the more you want to cum, the more you’ll be reminded of what you need to do. Reminded that the only way you can cum is through your wallet. You want to cum but you can’t get hard without my voice. And if you can’t get hard then you can’t cum. And you can’t cum if I’m not happy. And the only way to make me happy is to open your wallet. So you must please me or you’ll remain frustrated with your silly little dick in your hand. Not a drip from that tiny little dick, until I am happy. The knowledge should be setting in now that you are nothing but a small dick pay pig. The only way you can please women is with your wallet because you truly know that small little thing in between your legs will never make a woman happy. Nothing but a small dicked pay pig who can only please women with his wallet because his dick never will.

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