Ceara Lynch - Sissies Look Down

Added: 26-01-2016
Ceara Lynch - Sissies Look Down

You stand before me in tight heels, fully dressed as my sissy maid. It is the first of the month, which means it’s your chance to be released from chastity for a short while so you can cum. The last two months I found some small infraction and cancelled your release date. Your tiny cock has been throbbing and desperate to be touched. I look at you with a sinister smile, “Is it that time again, Sissy? My, that month went by quickly didn't it? Well, you have been a very good sissy maid this month and have certainly earned the right to let your clitty out of that tight chastity and be allowed your 60 second chance to cum, but, I think you'd rather just look at the back of my skirt instead of cumming this month, wouldn't you, Sissy?" The look of sadness and disappointment on your face pleases me. You can’t ever say “no” to me, you have no choice but to agree. "Why don't you smile and ask me nicely if you may kneel down and look at the back of my skirt for a minute instead of cumming this month". I give a smirk knowing how hard this is for you as you answer. "Awwww Well, I guess if that's what you really want. You may kneel and look at the back of my skirt for a minute instead of cumming this month, Sissy. Won't that be fun?" I smile as you kneel down. I turn around showing only the faintest outline of my thick cut panties underneath my pencil skirt. "Do you like my skirt, Sissy? It's a nice treat for you to look at the back of my skirt isn't it? It's so much nicer to look at the back of my skirt than cumming don't you agree, Sissy?” That’s when I really start to torture you. In a stern, strict tone, I order you to look at the ground and not dare look up until you’re given permission. At this point I lift my skirt to show my pantied and pantyhosed ass and pussy for the next few minutes while describing how wonderful my soft nylon panties and pantyhose look and feel. After a few minutes I make you ask me very nicely to please lower my skirt and I do. Sissies don't deserve to see Princess Ceara's panties, that's reserved for real men. I tease and mock you badly as you kneel there with tears in your eyes. "Awwww poor Sissy didn't get to see my panties, but I know you'd rather look at the back of my skirt anyway, wouldn't you, Sissy?"

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