Madam Violet - Seduced Asunder

Added: 10-12-2019

Snap by snap, word by word I break you down. Nothing feels better than being under My hipn0tic control, because under it you are FREE. Knowing just what to say, just what to do I STRIP you bare of all defences. Under My hipn0tic control you are metaphorically naked, WIDE open for Me and so when I climb inside your mind you get to feel a SUBMISSIVE bliss like never before. You make it SO easy for Me with how badly you WANT to surrender your WILL to Me. No stroking for now, Listen to Me, that is all; My indirect hipn0tic commands, leading and pacing, and long sweet countdown will knock you out. My bare breasts covered in fishnet is an instant distraction, an easy way in, I want you aware of your cock because the HARDER it gets the SOFTER your mind is. Your eyes maybe be open but you WILL fall into trance, I WILL arouse and excite your mind until it aches and gapes and drips for Me, but I want more. With every SNAP I command you shed another layer of mental protection, it happens automatically. Snap after SNAP, I want to break you down and get to the real you, I want you to SURRENDER your WILL to Me and you WILL, you are. Many clever, manipulative words later, your cock is full to bursting your pussy-mind so empty and WET for Me, I have stripped away so many layers and you are before Me, naked, SURRENDERED. Stroke and listen – Every time you DROP for Me I knock another wall down, as time goes on you become even more susceptible, and one day that very last wall will come tumbling down with just the SNAP of my finger, when you least EXPECT IT, and in that moment, there will be no more hiding…you WILL be Mine….I will SEDUCE you asunder Contains: hipn0sis, indirect hipn0tic commands, deepeners, countdowns, finger snaps, psychological conditioning, slave training, binaural tones, masturbation encouragement, tease and denial, post hipn0tic programming.

File Name : 11___MadamVioletSeducedAsuerize
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Duration: 00:27:30
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