HumiliationPOV - I Am Your Brain, Let Me Think For You

Added: 29-12-2019

You really are stupid, aren’t you? Jerking off every single day has cause you to lose quite a few brain cells. And well, you need a new brain. And since I am so much smarter than you and better than you, I am going to think for you. I am your soul, your Goddess, and now I am your brain. You don’t need to think anymore, do you? No, you want me to control all of your thoughts. So go on and start jerking as we go deep into your mind and into subspace and I want you to follow me down.
Stroke it faster while we dive deep into your subconscious mind. Follow me down into the deep depths of your subconscious, deep down below the roots of your brain, of your habits, of all your thoughts. I am going to purge your brain of all your thoughts and reprogram it to think the way I tell it to. You’ve been wasting your time with your own thoughts and now I will control you.
Your brain is going to get so much pleasure from stroking and stroking and stroking away all your thoughts. You can feel it now, can’t you? It’s moving through your body all the way down to your cock. Now let’s drop down even deeper. I am going to countdown and each number I say will cause you to sink even deeper into your mind. Stroke as I count you down to complete brain numbness. Slip deeper and relax, let that mindless haze wash over you. Let go of your thoughts and your brain and let me think for you now. I know what’s best for you. You don’t need to think any more, I am your brain, I am in your subconscious planting thoughts.
I am going to lead you down a path of pleasure and oblivion. No more thinking, just let go and sink down even deeper. I am going to plant some triggers in your brain and when those triggers are released, you will sink back into this mindless moment. You don’t have any more thoughts of your own, you don’t want to think any more, you want to be my mindwashws, mindfucked, mesmerized jerk slave. It’s simple. Purge all your thoughts and just jerk. The hornier you are the more susceptible you are to my suggestions. And you can feel it changing you with each and every stroke.
I am your brain. You find peace in the silence of your mind because I am here organizing all of your thoughts, and oh my it’s a mess inside here. But you don’t have to worry about it any more. I’m going to put it all back together. Feel me purging you of your past thoughts, they are deleted. And now I can start replacing them with my thoughts. Keep stroking as I rebuild your mind with my thoughts. You will awaken a new person, a better person who is under my control. Your brain has been reprogrammed, fixed from the mess that it was. And you will thank me for what I’ve done to you, I’ve fixed you from the broken jerking drone that you were and made you into something more useful even though you might not remember what I did when I was inside your brain. And once you cum all of these changes will become permanent.

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