HumiliationPOV - Train Your Brain To Cum Faster And Faster For Me

Added: 05-01-2020

I love torturing silly dick brained losers like you. And I have a game that I want to play. The game is, ‘Can you cum in three minutes’? If you can cum in three minutes or less, then you get to cum. But if it takes you longer than three minutes, you don’t get to cum. If you can’t stroke your cock fast enough to cum in three minutes, then you don’t deserve to cum.
And you’re going to practice this every single day. You’re gonna stroke that dick up and down to my sexy body, until you can get yourself to cum in three minutes. I want you practicing this over and over and over again. And soon you’ll train your brain to cum fast for me. Because if you don’t, you won’t get to cum, and you don’t want that. Every day you’ll jerk your cock for three whole minutes until you can bust a load before then.
Your balls are going to get swollen and blue. I know you won’t succeed at first. You’ll have to start and stop over and over again until you get it down. You’re going to get so desperate for release, that you’ll train your cock to cum fast. You see you don’t get to cum unless you cum by my rules. You’re going to be jerking to so furiously until you explode in three minutes.
And once you get it down to three minutes, you’re not done, we’re only just beginning. You see once you can cum in three minutes, the next day you’re going to practice cumming in two minutes. And if you can’t cum in two minutes, then you don’t get to cum. You’re going to learn to become a fast cummer. And once you have two minutes down, you’re going to have to cum in one minute. And why I am doing this you might ask? Because you don’t need to be wasting your whole day jerking off. You see I’m helping you. Helping you become a fast cummer lol.
Soon you’ll be cumming in less than a minute LOL! Then here’s what you’re going to do next. You’re going to learn to cum back to back to back. First in three minutes, then two, and then one. This is going to take some practice so I know for now that you’re going to be jerking off a lot, lol. But don’t worry, soon you’ll be cumming fast for me. Do you think you can do this for me? I kinda hope you fail because then you’ll just be denying yourself over and over each time you fail to cum in the given amount of time. Your balls will be so full and aching. I can just picture you trying to do this, jerking so furiously and failing each time. I’ll bet you’ll feel so stupid each time. I want your balls full and swollen and aching with desire for me. Because I want you cumming only for me.

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