Cruel Girlfriend - Aw But He Doesn't Want To Be A Girl

Added: 17-01-2020

Aw - but he doesn't want to be a girl Daisy haha! Well that's just too fucking bad sissy. Jasmine and I are turning you into our very own feminized doll and we don't want to hear any more about it. We've thrown away all of your boy clothes and we've replaced them with the prettiest, frilliest girlie things for you to wear from now on. No more boy shoes either sissy, they're all gone too - we've replaced them with ditzy bimbo heels. All your boy things have gone too sissy - your gadgets have been swapped with all the makeup a sissy princess like you could ever want. There's really no point in getting upset about it sissy - it doesn't matter to us if you want to be a girl or not - in fact we prefer it if you need to be MADE TO - it's much more fun for us! It's way more fun to watch a sissy wimp like you beg us not to turn him into a girl while we strip you of your masculinity - laughing at you as we do it. We have lots more than just lifestyle and wardrobe changes in store for you too sissy. We're going to take you (kicking and squealing I expect) to the EXTREME feminization clinic who are going to totally transform you into a girl FOREVER. You'll get XL bimbo tits and lips, a waspish waist and a pretty, feminine profile to your face. You're going to be turned into a girl - and if that so happens to be against your will then that's just too bad for you. I can assure you - once you've been completely feminized there will be a lot more things happening to you against your will sissy.

Coerced Feminization, Sissy Training
Coerced Fem, Cruel Girlfriend, Feminization, Gender Transformation Fantasy, Humiliation, Sissification, Sissy, Sissy Humiliation, Sissy Training, Transformation Fantasy,

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