Cruel Girlfriend - Honeytrapped

Added: 17-01-2020

We were the bait sissy and you just couldn't fucking resist. Even though you knew it was far too good to be true you still fell into our trap. Two hot girls inviting you back to our room - surely just one of us would have been unbelievable to a loser like you but 2 girls - seriously you deserve everything that's coming to you. The 2 hottest girls in the club were all over you and you didn't suspect a fucking thing - well you're really gonna pay for being such an idiot. We're the bait sissy and you are the victim - lured back here to be feminized, bound, gagged and then sold to men. You have no idea how serious the trouble you're in is! We have got tens of guys each ready to turn you into their communal fuck-dolly. They don't want a voluntary gay boy to use - they want a tricked, straight guy - feminized against his will and restrained. They want to fuck a genuinely forced-feminized sissy. We're going to dress you up in the kind of outfits these guys want to see a helpless sissy like you wearing. Pretty school skirts, frilly maid dresses, maybe a cute cheerleader costume. Then we're going to invite the guys over one at a time, or two at a time and then we get to watch them destroy your sexuality. One after another, men will lift your little skirt and fuck you. One after another, cocks will be pushed into your mouth for you to suck. One after another you'll see us getting paid for your humiliating ordeal. All because you didn't ask yourself why the 2 hottest girls in the club were flirting with a loser like you.

Coerced Bi, FemDom POV
Coerced Bi, Coerced Fem, Cruel Girlfriend, FemDom, FemDom POV, Feminization, Humiliation, Mean Girls, Pimptress Fantasy, Sissy,

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