HumiliationPOV - Fuck Your Nasty Foreskin While I Fuck Your Circumcised Friends

Added: 19-01-2020

I want to tell you something, a truth, that maybe you didn’t know but it’s about time someone told you the truth. Your foreskin is absolutely fucking disgusting. It’s like a worm with this fucking disgusting pink skin and then it comes out of it’s shell, it’s so fucking nasty. And anyone who ever told you that it’s not fucking gross, fucking lied to you because it is. It’s the most disgusting thing that’s ever graced this earth.
Your parents did you such a disservice. They should have sliced off that disgusting skin around the head of your cock. Eww it makes me want to gag. It’s a disgusting looking worm. All women think it’s gross and because of that you will fuck your first for the rest of your life. That’s what the foreskin on your dick is going to cause. All you’re ever going to be able to do is jerk it because no woman in the world is going to suck that disgusting foreskin covered dick. No bitch wants to put that thing in her mouth or in her pussy.
I would never let you enter me with that! That disgusting vile nasty thing. Oh my god, No! You are fucking loser. You are a foreskin freak who’s only purpose in life is to be humiliated and controlled by a bitch like me. I’d never fuck you, I go out and fuck all of your circumcised friends. I go out and suck off your friends and do you know why? Because they don’t have a fucking disgusting foreskin. Their heads glisten with precum without having to pull anything back, that funk, that nasty fucking smell you disgusting freak.
Your parents knew you were a fucking loser from the day you were born and they cursed you with a fucking foreskin, knowing that no woman would let you come near them with your fucking disgusting prick. You were meant to be fucking loser. The only thing you’ll ever fuck is your own foreskin. No one will ever let you stick that nasty, vile thing in them. Your dick is useless. You’re going to be a lonely jerkoff freak for the rest of your pathetic life, your foreskin fucking freak. The only thing you can do is fuck your fucking foreskin while I fuck your friends.

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