Goddess Madam Violet - The Consequence

Added: 20-01-2020

Dr Violet is not happy with not very happy with you at all. Seduced by a beautiful stranger you just moments ago ejaculated all over your self in Her very high end waiting room. Prepare to be scolded, severely. Seduced, entranced, teased, tormented, threatened, blackmailed, encouraged to cum and forced to eat it. Sat before Her you can feel yourself trembling, Her smile makes your legs to jelly and your cock to rock. She is SO incredibly HOT when She’s angry and despite being terrified of this STUNNING and powerful Woman before you, you can feel your pleasure gaining momentum. Dr Violet explains everything was recorded, she will release the video and ruin your life…OR you can admit to Her that you need help. That you NEED HER help. Already entranced already not just due to Her CAPTIVATING beauty but the imbedded commands you have already been fed of COURSE you agree, and so She puts you into even deeper into trance using traditional eye fixation induction, rest triggers and finger snaps. Disrespecting Her like this will NOT be tolerated. “Clearly you cannot be trusted with your cock, so from now on unless you are pissing, you will be asking, BEGGING, My permission to touch it. Don’t you dare tell Me, She ‘MADE you’, no one can MAKE you cum in a public place like a braindead zombie…Hearing what is unsaid, you KNOW SHE can make you do anything… Driven deeper still by a ten second countdown She reveals NO stockings mean no PANTIES. Her wet pussy feels delicious against the soft sheep skin rug. Tits SPILLING out, legs spread She reminds you again WHO does that COCK belong to? What must you DO in order to touch that cock…? That’s right, BEG ME’ Completely under Her control you explode into your hand and before you know what are doing you’re licking it up like good little boy. Like a REPENTANT boy, like a SLAVE who knows GODDESS VIOLET owns your COCK. She leaves you with post trance commands, ORDERS that at any point you want to play with your dick – you must email Her to BEG permission….

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