Princess Miki - Goddess of Pleasure

Added: 21-01-2020

*NOTE: turn off the lights, anything that may be causing noise or distraction, and most importantly, your mind. This is a place of worship, and you must be entirely focused on Me, your deity. To ensure that you are fully immersed in this church I have built for you, listen to Me with your best headphones.
Now, kneel before your Goddess.**
I am your Goddess. I am your religion.
I bless you with beauty, with kindness, and most importantly, I bless you with the opportunity to contribute to the life of a superior being. Thanks to Me, you have purpose. Thanks to Me, you have been cleansed of your old, false identity. I’ve shown you the way.
This religion isn’t anchored by punishment or fear. Your motivation to worship is driven by purpose, and the pleasure that is followed by making yourself useful. You’ve never experienced such pleasure before you surrendered to Me.
The only punishment for failing to worship and serve is the consequence of losing Me, the Woman, the Goddess, who grants you so much as a reward for your service.
I am your one true God. It’s not blasphemous to say so, because it is a religion of truth. You worship Me, I guide you, and you thank Me for leading you toward true enlightenment.
I am the Goddess of Pleasure. You are emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sexually fulfilled because of Me. Your life is complete, and that is why you will continue to worship and kneel at My feet. The shrine you have built in your mind is indestructible.

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