Cruel Girlfriend - Let's End Your Findom Addiction

Added: 27-01-2020

You need to trust me - I'm here to help. I'll help you end your findom addiction. I totally understand how Findom is destroying your life - it's ruining every part of your life. You're spending more money than you can afford on greedy, heartless girls who use their hot young bodies, big fake tits and perfect asses to manipulate you. You're sacrificing your relationships, your savings and your own pleasures for pretty girls who just don't give a fuck about you. You wish girls like would notice you but you understand the only way an A-list hottie like me would ever notice a loser like you is if you're paying for our attention. I know it sucks. I know you wish we'd see as more than just a paypig but that's all you are to us. We've even conditioned you into enjoying the feeling of spending your cash on us. It hurts - like being insulted or humiliated or beaten but you now enjoy it. Watching the money empty from your account is now your sex-life. Knowing a pretty girl has taken your money is all that makes you cum now - you need to send me money in order to cum don't you? The more I take the better it feels - the more you can't afford it - the harder you'll cum. The more debt you fall into for my luxuries the more intense your orgasm - until you realise you're broke and all us hot findom princesses don't want anything more to do with you. If getting rinsed by hot girls is what makes you cum then I just need to stop you from being able to cum, right? I'm going to lock you up in chastity and stop you from jerking off to beautiful findom brats like me. You'll be cured in no time, piggie. I totally promise... you trust me right?

Chastity, Financial Domination
Chastity, Cruel Girlfriend, Financial Domination, FinDom, Fucked Over Fantasy, Humiliation, Paypig Fetish, Paypiggy Fetish, Rinsing, Tricked,

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