Cruel Girlfriend - You'll Do The Begging For Me Cuckold

Added: 30-01-2020

You're gonna have to get used to begging my real man for me cuckold because we both love to hear you beg. Like if he's busy with work and I need him to come over to fuck me - you'll beg him. I'll make you call him up right in front of me and beg him to fuck your girlfriend. You'll call him sir, "Please sir - my girlfriend needs a real man to fuck her," haha! Begging a real man to drop whatever he's doing to come over and fuck your girlfriend. I'll make you beg him to help get me ready for him after all - he doesn't like it when you see me in my lingerie so show him some respect and beg him cuckold. Beg him to help dress me in his favourite lingerie set, beg him to help slip my feet into a pair of fuck-me heels. Beg him to let you zip me into a hot little dress and promise him that you won't stare at my hot little body while you're doing it. That's humiliating for you, right cuckold? Begging a real man to prepare me for him. Begging him for permission to see me in the lingerie you bought me. Begging him to allow you to fasten the suspenders to my stocking tops. That's humiliating but it'll only get worse when he gets here cuckold. Because that's when you're gonna beg him face to face. Beg him to let you get him hard for me - that's right beg to suck on his big Alpha cock so that it's hard enough for your girlfriend to fuck. Beg Sir with all your heart you cuckold faggot - beg him for yourself because next you'll be begging for me. Begging him to fuck me harder - to treat me like his slut. You will cuckold - you're gonna beg him to fuck your girlfriend hard and rough - not me cuckold - you will! Suck up that humiliation and beg him!

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