HumiliationPOV - Chronic Masturbators Don’t Deserve To Cum, Just Twitch And Throb

Added: 31-01-2020

You don’t deserve an orgasm. No. You deserve to be denied. A guy like you who’s been hand humping his cock for years does not deserve to cum. Chronic masturbators like you are fucking pathetic and you don’t deserve the pleasure of an orgasm. And no matter how much you jerk to my tits uncontrollably, I’m still in control of your cock. I own that fucking pathetic cock. And I say fuck you, no cumming.
I just want you stroking to my tits, but you’re not allowed to cum to them. No cumming at all for you. Just stroke to my perfect tits and try to fucking hold back. Your pathetic cock isn’t entitled to anything, so the fact that I’m letting you stroke, letting you experience even that pleasure, is a privilege. And then I’m going to make you forfeit that pleasure. Stroke to my tits as much as you please, you’re not cumming tonight. You’re going to bed with a throbbing cock and blue balls.
A night of denial is the only thing you’re entitled to loser. And do you know why I’m doing this to you? Because when you wake up, you’re going to think of me even more. And I know that as you watch this, you’re edging and about to cum, but I hold that power over you. And you don’t want to disappoint me because you disappoint everyone else around you. So the least you can do is to hold back for me and show me that you don’t want to disappoint at least one person in your life.
Stroke, stroke loser. I know my tits have you mesmerized, they have you right where I want you. You can’t stop staring and jerking. You’re obsessed with my perfect tits and they can truly fuck a man’s mind into little pieces. Now stop jerking. No touching at all. Just watch and twitch and throb. Good boy. Stare at my amazing tits while your dick twitches around in the air. My tits are the perfect example of how mindlessly fucked you are because of me. You are so obsessed with my tits that you won’t even touch your dick.
You know for a fact that you don’t deserve to cum. You don’t even deserve to edge and get close to the edge. You’re not worthy of that. You’re that pathetic. And tonight when you’re go to bed denied, you’re going to feel even more pathetic. Tonight I’m going to exercise my power over you and show you exactly why you bend the knee. You’re a total bitch for me, and you’re lucky to be even that. You’re my slave and I’m going to fuck with you as much as I want.

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