Princess Miki - A Sweet Predator: Dangerous Seduction

Added: 05-02-2020

** NOTE: Prepare yourself for a delicious walkthrough of how you ended up here, wrapped around My little finger. The color scheme and soothing background music are a perfect representation of what I appear to be to the unsuspecting viewer, who you once were: pretty, innocent, gentle, and oh-so-sweet.
But the words suggest anything but that. However, this danger turns you on now, and you want to sink deeper into My trap. To do this, turn off the lights (as usual) and listen to Me with your best headphones. Enjoy the ride. **
Listen closely, and start stroking, because I know that’s what you want to do. That’s all you wanted to do when you first met Me.
I drew you in with My sweet face, and I kept you here with My even sweeter voice.
Everything about Me looks innocent — dangerously, decadently sweet. My dark brown eyes sparkle with sincerity and warmth. They drew you in, along with My dazzling, inviting smile.
But by now, you know that this sweetness is merely the exterior, an efficient tool I use to lure in My prey. I’m like a poisonous flower. Beautiful, alluring, vibrant, but dangerous. From afar, I am a harmless sight to behold. But as soon as you approach Me, you beg to taste the toxic nectar that flows from My lips.
My motives appear innocent, because My demeanor suggests that they are. Despite the venomous essence of My words, My tone coats them with a sweet flavor you can’t help but swallow.
What you crave is pleasure. What I crave is power. And because the former is so irresistible, you mindlessly give over the latter.
I’ve seduced you into a state of powerlessness with My beauty and apparent innocence, and now you’re too weak and addicted to escape.
I seduced you when you were still in a state of curiosity. You’re trapped now, and you’re dependent on the sweet pleasure I’ve introduced you to.
I’m a predator, packaged in the body of a pretty girl, cloaked in the guise of innocence.

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
Asian Goddess, Asian Princess, Goddess Worship, Lollipop, Mental Domination, Mind Melt, Mindwash, Seduction, Seductress, Sensual Domination,

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