Princess Beverly - Bathroom Bullied

Added: 14-02-2020

” I want you to talk me into it and make me send you a video of me doing it. I was a bullied beta wimp during my entire school career and I was swirlied for real 5 times. I fought so hard against it and it was deeply humiliating and degrading. Despite my best efforts the Popular Alpha Jocks dunked me face-first into the toilet and flushed it. It was disgusting. I was mocked and laughed at by the entire school. The girls I had crushes on all laughed at me (a few nice girls pitied me, which only made it worse.) I want you to rub in this humiliation, remind me how pathetic, weak, beta wimps deserve to be treated by our Alpha superiors. That crus**** on Pretty, Popular Princesses is grounds for proper punishment. Explain that the natural order was established in Middle School when inferior rejects like me were bullied into submission by our Superiors. Losers get bullied, and Hot Girls enjoy watching their Alpha BFs dominating little wimps. Alphas are rewarded for their strength and Superiority by the admiration and adoration of Hot Girls, while betas are rejected, humiliated, beaten, teased, mocked and marginalized. We didn’t count at school, and we don’t count now. Only Alpha Jocks and Hot Girls matter. What happens to betabois is entertainment for their Betters. So to provide more entertainment for you, tell me to send you a vid of me swirlying myself in submission.”

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