Princess Miki - Welcome home, slave

Added: 17-02-2020

You wake up at the foot of My bed, confused. You’re startled by the sound of My snaps, and the sound of Me calling you “slave.” Yes, that’s right. You have no name. You are just “slave.” Nameless, only here for My happiness and pleasure. You’re not your own man anymore.
My husband and I bought you the other day.
We bought you to be used, to be made useful. And you will be able to serve us for the rest of your life. It’s a privilege, don’t you see?
You were never a real man. Your purpose belongs here, to serve an Alpha couple.
You notice that you’re completely naked right now. Slaves don’t need clothes, only men do. Only human beings do. You’re like a d0g — stripped of your humanity. You’re going to be kept on a leash. You’re going to be pulled around, told to do little chores.
What would your chores consist of? Well, there would be practical things, like cleaning up after us. And then, there would be amusing things, like cleaning our feet. Yes, with your tongue — like a puppy would. Perhaps it’s for amusement and practicality. We do need our feet clean, after all.
Oh! Speaking of which, more puppy tasks for you. My husband and I like to play tennis, and we don’t have a consistent ball boy around. Sounds like a task for you! Of course, still naked, you’ll come to the tennis court with us. You’ll be our ball slave — not our ball boy, because you’re not a human. That’ll be the best part of your day. You’ll get some exercise, fresh air, as you run around retrieving our tennis balls.
And you’ll be motivated to do a good job, alright. Do you know what happens to ball slaves that don’t do a good job at picking up balls? You’re going to be spanked. HARD. On your bare little ass, humiliated in front of all of our friends. If you’re not useful, you’ll be entertaining,
Oh, and there’s more we have to do for you. Much, much more. Sit down and listen intently because this is your forever.

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