Kelle Martina - Adult Baby Sissy Punishment

Added: 21-02-2020

We’ve been in a cuckolding relationship for some time now, but it has recently morphed into something more extreme. You decided a few months ago that I wasn’t even man enough to jerk off in the corner to you and Sir in the bed, and since I had such a little bb dick that couldn’t give you a real bb, I might as well be a bb. That’s when you became Mommy, Sir became Daddy, and I became a permanently plugged, caged, diapered and sissified bb girl.
You talk about how much you and Daddy have enjoyed parenthood, but that you’ve become worried I’m getting sick. Every meal Daddy lets me sit between his legs and he gives me two pacifiers to suck on (most bbs only get one!) but I look like I want to spit them out, and whenever Daddy takes my plug out so I can bounce up and down on his lap, I fuss and cry the whole time. You decide you need to check my temperature to make sure (producing a huge black dildo).
You take down my diaper, pull out my plug, and pull off my chastity cage before inserting the “thermometer,” telling me to take it like a good girl. You say I must be sick, because my clitty is already stiff, and healthy sissies stay limp to honor their Daddy’s real man cocks. You remind me how proud you were the first time I made cummies in the cage from playing on Daddy’s lap, and you tell me to start stroking and that I better get rid of the stiffy fast before Daddy sees it and punishes me. You start to fuck me faster, asking me if I’m going to be a good girl and make cummies for Mommy, then you make me beg you to let me cum, saying “Pwese Mommy” in my best sissy lisp until I do so, and “Thank you Mommy” afterwards
You pull out, plug and lock me back up, and refasten the diaper. Now that I’m feeling better, you tell me to go crawl into the living room to prove it to Daddy. You tell me to crawl up to him, hug his leg, nuzzle my face into his crotch, and then look up to him and say “Pwese Daddy, bb needs her BaBa”. You remind me to swallow every drop of milk no matter how rough he his with me, and remember to smile up at him and say “Thank you Daddy” when its over, warning me that I better convince him that I love being his sissy bb, or else he’ll use his own thermometer on me, which is much bigger than yours.

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