Madam Violet - Turning You Loser for Me

Added: 24-02-2020

You like to think of yourself as a normal man and yet here you are kneeling, HARD, naked before me. I’m going tell you all the ways in which your addiction to me is ruining your life and you’re going to listen, you’re going to agree and then despite knowing all the risks you will beg Me to stroke that shame boner. Because the truth is slave you love what I have reduced you to; a pathetic creature, and excuse for a man, a desperate Animal. That’s why your dick is hard, that’s why you BEG so GOOD. Spending all your money, can’t get hard for sex, wasting your life away on your cock…on a Woman entirely out of your reach Stroke, repeat My words when instructed, slap your balls when commanded, taste that pre-cum when ordered. Hump the air and tell Me how much you LOVE being a loser for Me. There’s nothing Nothing normal about you slave!! HAhHa! When I command you’ll CUM in your hand, eat it up and THANK Me for it….

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