Davina Davis - Edging And Humiliating My Splenda Daddy

Added: 02-03-2020

Hey daddy! I just got back from a nice relaxing day at the pool only to realize that the vape you bought me is fucking broken! You are SUCH a useless sugar daddy! You can’t even afford a decent vape. You know I’ve been trying to quit smoking and you really just did this to me? Shame on you, you useless fucking splenda daddy. Ew is your dick getting hard? You like when I tell you how worthless you are, don’t you? Fucking pathetic. Normally I would tell you to put your disgusting little dick away, but since I need a new vape I’ll make you a deal. Buy me another MORE EXPENSIVE one this time and I’ll let you jerk it. Thats right, I’ll finally let you show me your lonely little cock. Now take it out and stroke it….. Not too fast…. SLOW DOWN!!!! Thats right daddy, your so fucking hard that your about to cum aren’t you? DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! STOP WHAT YOUR DOING RIGHT NOW! Your not allowed to cum yet. Not until your baby tells you too. Now keep stroking it to my tight little pussy and watch while I shove this broken vape deep in my whore hole. Your right on the edge aren’t you daddy? Well that’s too fucking bad! I’m going to make you stop every time you get close until your so hard that your crying in pain. Only then will I give you permission to cum! Next time splurge for the nice vape and maybe I won’t tease you for so long, you cheap old man!

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