HumiliationPOV - Feminizing Your Brain, Your Brain Is Throbbing Between Your Legs

Added: 12-03-2020

Such a good little cockslut. Your subconscious mind repeats this. Cocksucker training feels good. This feels good in your brain. Good girl. Feeling these submissive emotions flood your brain. Feminizing your brain. This slut training is feminizing your brain. Your brain feels horny all the time. Your brain is pulsing between your legs. And that feels good. Acting like a girl feels good. Practicing your femininity subconsciously feels good. Your brain is subconsciously practicing for you. This is training you.
It feels good to obey. Your subconscious brain wants to feel obedient. Training your brain to feel feminine sensations. Flooding your brain with feminine pleasure. Training your brain over and over. Slowly training your brain to respond like a good girl. You know need to be a fuckhole, training your fuckhole feels good. Obedience feels good. You’re such a good fuck hole. Your instinctive urges are female. You are a girl, you have always been a girl deep inside your mind. You have a female brain.
Inside your subconscious mind this feels good, rewarding your submissive mind. Your brain wants to obey so deeply. Good girl. Washing your mind. These words are training you. Good fuck hole. Your brain feels obedient. Your brain feels feminine. Submit to your training. Training your brain. Your brain makes girl bubbles inside your thoughts. Girly feminine thought bubbles. Training your brain. Submitting to your training feels good. Blank, pink thoughts feel good between your feminine ears. Your horny brain is growing more sensitive. Your brain cums like a good girl.
This is locking inside your brain. You are female. Your inner existence is female. Femininity chooses you. You can’t resist your nature. You need to be a good girl. Feel this in your brain repeating over and over. You need to be a good girl. You need to be fucked. You need to cum like a girl. You need to be a good fuck hole. Pleasure flooding your mind feels good. Obedience throbbing between your legs. You are such a good girl. Pink ribbons inside your brain, trapping your mind forever. Whenever you think about your training, your brain will throb and feel so obedient. This is locking inside your brain. This is making you feel horny.
You are such a girly girl with blank, pink thoughts. Girl thoughts popping into your brain. Cocks are popping into your brain. Blank pink thoughts inside your brain, relaxing your thoughts. I am training your girly brain to obey. Your fuckhole feels horny and that is ok. It is ok to feel horny and feminine. Swallowing his cock with your mouth. Your throat trapped around his cock feels so good. It feels so good to suck cock. You have a cocksucker brain. It is ok to be a feminine girly cocksucker. You love swallowing hot cum, it tastes so good to your horny submissive brain. Femininity feels good. You love washing your brain like a good girl. All of your thoughts feel feminine.
You are a sissy girl, sissy girls are very feminine. Sissy girls are very submissive. You need this os badly. You need your brain trained. Of course your brain is female. Your girly voice speaks inside your brain. You are a cumdump. Fuck me harder please. Beg for cock. Please make me your cumdump. Repeating inside your subconscious brain. Your fuckhole feels obedient. You are just a fuckhole. Mindwashing you. Repeating over and over inside your brain.

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