HumiliationPOV - Kendi Olsen - Mesmerized And Mindfucked Into CEI By A Shiny Barbie Brat

Added: 27-03-2020

This intense mindfuck clip has incredible visual illusions and Kendi’s voice has a mesmerizing echo!

Shiny and oh so very addicting. Isn’t it crazy how pathetic you get for me? How desperate you get when you see in shiny Barbie lingerie. You get so horny you’ll do anything for me. You’re totally mesmerized, a gnner, you don’t stand a chance. I know you’re already jerking but if you want to cum, you’re going to need to degrade yourself for me. Losers like you don’t get to enjoy their orgasms. So I want you to do something particularly disgusting.

I’m going to use your shiny addiction against you. And who are to resist a beautiful brat in shiny Barbie lingerie? You could never. I love it when you jerk that pathetic desperate cock for me. But I love it even more when you eat the delicious buttercream that comes out of it. That loser frosting that comes squirting out of you. Disgusting may I add. No man looks attractive when he cums, much less a loser. So it makes sense that you hide the mess and gobble it up. And you will because I want it.

Keep jerking that loser cock, I want you working on that wet sticky load for you to gobble down. Cum is so fucking disgusting, isn’t it? It’s so nasty. But you’ll eat it for me. You’ll do anything for me when I look like this. You really are hopelessly addicted to me, aren’t you? You’re such a horny desperate little stroker. You’re getting lost in this moment, aren’t you? You can’t stop staring and jerking.

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