Princess Miki - Enslaved and Cucked By Step Step-Sister

Added: 30-03-2020

Awe, why do you look so scared? I only wanted to have a little step Step-Sibling meeting. I haven’t spoken to you in a while, so I thought we’d catch up. It seems like you’ve been avoiding Me lately. Are you hiding something?
Oh, stop being so sweaty. I know this isn’t the first time you’ve been in My room. Oh yes, I know. I know everything.
I know how you sneak into My room to steal My dirty panties from the laundry basket. I thought that I’ve been missing a few lately, and I thought I knew who the culprit might be, so I decided to set up a little camera in the corner… and My theory was correct. I don’t know what you’ve been doing with them, but I can only assume.
With that camera, I’ve also found you’ve been up to other kinds of business. You’ve been sniffing My sheets after I bring My boyfriend over to fuck. And then you proceed to jerk off while you’re sniffing My sheets. Is it to smell My pussy, or is to smell what a real man does to your step Step-Sister that you could never do? Your perverted behavior has fed Me with all kinds of ideas.
Look, our Step-Parents meeting was one of the worst things that could ever happen to Me. You’re utterly embarrassing to be associated with. You’re ugly, stupid, and apparently, you’re a pervert who is obsessed with Me. Might as well turn this awful situation into something worthwhile and entertaining for Me.
So, you like My panties huh? Why don’t you try them on?
And you like the smell and taste of My pussy? You should stick around next time My boyfriend comes over. You can taste Me right off of him, but here, have some practice with this dildo. I’ll turn you into a little cock sucking, cucky faggot for Me.
You’ll never get the taste of My pussy from the source, unless it’s after he shoots his giant load inside of Me. You can clean that up. That’s the only way you can have your mouth on My pussy.
Oh, this is going to be so fun, humiliating you and degrading you into being My little cuck toy. I know you’ll do anything for Me. You’re speechless right now, but I notice your boner. But don’t think you’ll be jerking off. I ordered a little chastity device for when you’ll be participating in our activities. Cuckies like you don’t get to touch themselves.
And after all of this, I’ll have you clean up after us. Change our sheets, make us comfortable. Remember all of those little videos I have of you? I think you’ll find that it’s better to obey and be humiliated privately than have everyone in your life know what a nasty little pervert you are.

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