HumiliationPOV - Seven Days, Seven Tasks

Added: 04-04-2020

Seven days in chastity for me. You can do this on your own or for a more effective treatment, you can use my key holding services. Do you think you’re trustworthy enough with your own self to keep that key tucked away?
Either way you’d better be locked up. I don’t know why you’d be watching this video otherwise. I’m only interested in real chastity boys, not ones who just want to play games. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to develop and deepen your experience with chastity. But at this point, I’m a little tired of the fakers. I’m ready for the serious boys. I’ve got seven tasks for those of you who are serious, with one reward. I’ll allow you release at the end, but first you’re going to need to put in a little work.
Day one, task one. I want you to get down on your knees and jiggle your padlock as hard and as fast as you can. I don’t fucking care if it hurts. Jiggle it as you stare at my ass. I want to see how much you can take. Don’t get limp, just keep jiggling it for me. See you tomorrow.
Day two, task two. Buy me something cute off of my wishlist. See you tomorrow.
Day three, task three. I want three selfies. Let’s have some fun with this. Take one at work. On your commute. Take me alone on your day. Bye.
Day four, task four. Buy, watch and enjoy my clip, Chastity Prime. Goodbye.
Day five, task five. You get to email me saying that you’re on day five. And I’m going to respond with a specific link of something you can buy me. Aren’t you so lucky that you’re actually going to be able to interact with me? And I also want you to give me a hint as to what makes you weak in the knees. So I can properly customize what you buy for me.
Day six, task six. I want you to make me an audio recording and send me a little message. A message about what this has been like so far. How are you feeling right now? Would you do this again? Are you looking forward to release? What has this done to your brain? I wanna hear about the rollercoaster I’m taking you on. So don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.
Day seven, task seven. Write me an email and tell me why you should or shouldn’t have one more day.
Bonus: There’s a clip at the end of me putting on my Wolford stockings. They look and feel so nice. My legs and ass look amazing in them. If you’re still in chastity I know you’ll want to buy me another pair. I love Wolford fishnets. I find them quite arousing.

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