HumiliationPOV - Princess Kendi Olsen - You Feel So Owned When You’re Plugged For Me

Added: 17-04-2020

It slides in so easy, doesn’t it? It always goes in easy when you’re this horny. So weak for me, you just feel yourself melting into a little puddle. You just want to fuck yourself up the ass for me. Plug it up. Show me how desperate you are for me to open you up. Ease that finger in and out. I know you love how that feels. Open up that asshole until you get to that point where your asshole needs more than a finger. You need to feel full, stretched, owned. You need to be plugged for me, don’t you?
Doesn’t it feel good to finger yourself for me? You’ve needed this so badly. Now slip your fingers out, my little anal slut. Do you wanna be plugged for me? Lube it up with your mouth, slave. Cover it with sissy slobber. Now gently ease it in. Plug yourself for me. Shove it in all the way. Oh fuck you almost came right there. It feels so fucking good to be plugged for me. Start stroking it while you’re plugged for me.
I want to intensify that feeling, deepen that pleasure. Plugged and stroking. Stroke for me pet. You love how this feels. You needed this so badly. It feels so fucking good. This is just anal training, soon you’ll be taking something so much bigger. And you want that. You want to be such an anal whore, don’t you? Yes, it makes you feel so submissive, so pathetic. We’re going to use bigger and bigger butt plugs, stretching you out so slowly. I know you want to be fucked in the ass.
It feels so good being plugged for me, you feel so owned. You’re so fucking horny right now. Stroke that cock. Plugged and stroking, it feels so fucking good. This is what you needed. I want you to cum while you’re all plugged and horny and high for me. Give me that cum while you’re all plugged up for me, while that plug is deep in your asshole at my command. Good boy. I know you loved that.
– Princess Kendi Olsen –

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