Lucy Marie - The Insatiable Neighbour

Added: 12-02-2016

Custom order uses no names: Before you know it your sexy older next door neighbour has invited herself over and is sitting looking you in the eye at the end of your bed, you really don't know how she got there and you feel so strange. The lust you have for this older women drives you insane, you watch her undress at her window, and you fantasise about sucking on her big tits and groping her big ample ass. You can tell she is wearing no bra and soon you are mesmerized by her cleavage, she gets out a pendant and puts you into a deep trance where you drop into sleep. There she makes you suck on her nipples to deepen your trance, this sexy women gets off on the fact you are younger, and wants your seed to make her pregnant, she wants you sucking the milk from her breasts, she wants to be in full sexual control of you. While you are in trance she seduces you and fucks you hard, announcing that you will make her pregnant, that you will revel in sucking on her swollen big tits, watch her big belly grow and enjoy just how horny she will get while its happening. The beautiful older women refers to her self as 'Mommy' as she entrances you with her insatiable appetite for your young hard prick, and ensures you keep coming back for more.

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Duration: 00:19:36
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