HumiliationPOV - Manipulating You Into The Loser Facial You Know You Deserve

Added: 17-07-2020

HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest brat, Mistress India!
Let me ask you something, how much do you want to bet that I could make you do anything that I told you to? That I can make you do something that you would never in a million years imagine yourself doing. Something you didn’t even think you were capable of. If you’ve been watching my clips for awhile, then you know what they can do to a person. You know the fucked up things my words will make you do. You know how much watching my clips makes you spend when you didn’t plan on spending. You know how horny they make you. You know what kind of sick, twisted things I can make you think. So, I know I can make you do whatever I tell you to.
Let’s test that theory. I want you to stroke for me. Stroke nice and slow because today I’m going to make you do something that you’re never, ever going to forget. And you might not enjoy it the first time, it might leave a kind of bitter taste in your mouth. But the more you do it for me, the more you’re going to learn to love it. You’re going to come back to me, over and over again, begging for me to make you do it. I’ll bet you’re desperate to know what it is, but I think you already do.
Do you like facials loser? Do you like seeing beautiful girls, or guys, get a face full of cum? Do you like seeing them lick it all up? I’ll bet you like swallowers, don’t you? Well guess what? So do I. Today I’m going to make you give yourself the nastiest biggest fucking facial, and I’m going to make you swallow every single drop of cum. Look at my perfect body and ask yourself, ‘Would you do that for me?’ You know the answer is yes. I get you so fucking horny and so fucking stupid that you would do anything I tell you to, including chugging your own fucking load like a freak.
Stroke faster. I want you to imagine the biggest fattest load you’ve ever blown, think about it. What was it that turned you on so much that you came so much, that you shocked yourself? What was it? If it was me, I want you to pull up that clip, or that message, whatever it was, and I want you to stroke to it. I want you to take yourself to that place again where you’re so stupidly turned on by me, or some porn, or whatever it was that made you cum so hard. I want you to turn it on and watch it with me side by side right now. You’d do anything for me right me right now while I’ve got you in this horny state, this state where you can barely think. It doesn’t matter what fucked up s h i t I make you do, you’ll do it. You know that.
Today, you’re gonna cum in your own fucking face. Did you ever think that would be you? Probably not. But because I’ve fucked with your brain and made you so fucking horny, here you are, about to do it for me. I want you to lay on your back and keep stroking. I want you to lift your legs up over your head with your cock aiming at your face while you stroke. And I want you to listen to my cum countdown, and at the end of my countdown, you’re going to blow the biggest load you’ve ever blown into your mouth and you’re going to swallow every drop. And you’re not gonna miss, get it all in there lol. But if some does get on your face, just scoop it up with your fingers and lick it up and swallow it. Now stroke it in your face as I count you down. Three, two, open wide, one… Cum for me, shoot in all in your mouth and swallow it. Now lick up any drop that didn’t get in your mouth. Good boy. How does it taste? LOL! Now I know it’s sensitive but keep stroking it and squeeze out every drop and lick it off of your hand. Lick that hand clean. Not a single drop left uneaten. Do you understand? I told you, I can make you do anything I want.

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